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Redeployment & Redundancy Management

The management of Redundancy & Redeployment
For many organisations it is sometimes necessary to undertake restructuring and downsizing strategies which result in redeployment or redundancy for employees - often on a fairly large scale.

When these circumstances occur, they obviously create problems for employees facing redundancy, but they can also create a difficult time for the staff who are required to administer the process. Whereas recruitment and corporate growth strategies are planned in advance and constantly reviewed, it is often the case that redundancies must necessarily remain confidential until a fairly late stage.

 It is  essential that such projects are undertaken in a professional and objective manner for the good of both the organisation and its employees.

In terms of administration a redundancy project requires at least as much, and often more management and care than a similar-scale recruitment campaign, while managers are generally trying to respond at much shorter notice.

In such situations it is crucial that the organisation has systems in place, or can put them in place very quickly, to provide the essential management support and process control that is needed.

Pear Computing Systems can provide the software, consultancy and support to manage the redundancy and re-grading aspects of major corporate reorganisation. Because of our experience in the areas of redundancy and assessment we can provide the software and services which are required, and do this at short notice if required.

Pear’s solutions will allow clients to set up details of their redundancy and re-grading programmes, record all relevant employee details, automate the assessment process, track and audit all the processes involved, and produce reports and detailed analysis at all stages of the project.


Pear provides a variety of software solutions which take into account schemes for

  • Voluntary Redundancy 
  • Compulsory Redundancy 
  • Mitigation 
  • Early Retirement 
  • Internal & External Transfers and Redeployment   

Our software includes our Reploy solution for total management of your Change Management process and Redundancy Pay Calculators - for both Statutory compensation, and non-statutory calculations (including pension costs) devised by the organisation itself.

Objective employee assessment is crucial to any re-grading or redundancy programme, and Pear’s solutions also provide facilities for automatic circulation of spreadsheet-based assessment forms for mailing or emailing to assessors. These can be customised to include any appropriate score ranges and weightings. Scores from emailed replies can be automatically updated into the tracking database.

The system produces all the correspondence to be sent out to assessors and employees at all stages of the process.

The reports produced include all the costings of the project, breakdown by different schemes, and all the tracking information required to monitor the redundancy and reorganisation programme.


For the management of internal re-grading exercises Pear also provide specialised software for managing the processes of candidature and assessment for internal redeployment. This software handles multi-stage redeployment with employee reviews, allowing personnel to be considered for multiple posts.

Again, the software provides full tracking of the processes and analysis of the whole exercise.


Pear Computing Systems Software and Services
Pear Computing Systems have been providing Recruitment Management Solutions to companies and organisations in the UK for the last 20 years. Over the years our range of software and solutions has expanded to include many aspects of personnel movements, including Employee Assessment, Redundancy Management and Staff Redeployment.

Our systems reflect our years of experience and they can be integrated with a variety of technologies including form scanning and internet integration.

Pear also provide consultancy and other software development services to a wide range of organisations, who rely on our professionalism and expertise.

In the areas of Redundancy and Redeployment Management it is particularly important to work with a software partner who understands the requirement for confidentiality and discretion, as well as providing the systems required to produce an objective and professional result.

Pear Computing Systems provide you with the ideal partner for all of these projects.