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Redundancy Calculators

Pear can supply a range of solutions for calculation of redundancy payments.

You can use our on-line statutory redundancy calculator NOW by clicking here.


Our free online enhanced UK statutory redundancy pay calculator is available here..
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The following full-featured solutions are designed to run on your own systems :

The simplest of these is a statutory redundancy pay calculator which works out statutory weeks’ pay due and associated payment based on employee age, length of service and weekly pay. The program calculates both the unlimited payment value based on weekly pay, and the amount limited by the statutory maximum. In addition it allows for the entry of an additional non-statutory amount for companies making their own adjustments to final payments. These details can be stored on file in MS Excel-compatible spreadsheets.

This is available either as a straightforward calculator (key in names and details and calculate/save), or integrated with a redundancy database, for batch calculations.

Figure 1 : Example of basic redundancy pay calculator

Figure  2: Example of spreadsheet output from simple calculator.


While the basic calculator is sufficient for small-scale redundancies it is frequently the case that larger organisations will base final packages on a number of negotiated elements which incorporate a range of non-statutory elements.

Typically these will be agreed settlements and may involve voluntary and compulsory redundancies; different packages for executive, management and manual staff; taxable and non-taxable severance amounts; and may take into account elements such as internally-agreed length of service agreements and pensions.

PEAR can provide not only redundancy calculators based on these customised requirements but also provide systems which can incorporate other costs of redundancy which the company may have to account for in addition to the direct payments to the employees.

In turn, these calculators can be incorporated in redundancy management/tracking systems which monitor the progress of the redundancy exercise, with additional facilities for the management of re-grading and redeploying staff who are to be retained. These systems provide analysis of statutory and non-statutory costs on an on-going basis over single-phase or multiple-phase redundancy exercises. They can also provide manual or electronic assessment forms to assist management in decisions regarding retention/re-grading or redundancy of employees.

Generally, larger companies will define their own detailed rules (perhaps in conjunction with trade unions) for the calculation of final payments and benefits. In these more complex situations our software is designed to incorporate the company’s own calculation formulas into our management solution, with the ability to calculate final terms either for an individual or as a rapid batch calculation for multiple/all affected employees. 

Reporting, Analysis and Statistics.

Pear can provide a wide range of reporting based on the following information stored as part of our solutions. Other information can easily be added and combined to allow for powerful, flexible analysis to take place :

  •  Start Date & Leave Date 
  •  Salary 
  •  Date of Birth 
  •  Final Payment Statutory & Non-statutory 
  •  Length of Service 
  •  Taxable and tax-free severance 
  •  Pension payments 
  •  Compulsory Redundancy, Voluntary Redundancy and Mitigation

Reports provided for customers include:-

  •  Breakdown of leavers by Location 
  •  Leavers by director and location 
  •  Key Performance Indicator - Average cost of redundancy by month & Week 
  •  Key Performance Indicator - Cost of compulsory & voluntary redundancies by Month 
  •  Key Performance Indicator - Cumulative Average Costs by Month 
  •  Key Performance Indicator - Cumulative Leavers by Month 
  •  Key Performance Indicator - Leaver Numbers by Week 
  •  Key Performance Indicator - Leavers by reason 
  •  Key Performance Indicator - Numbers left in each Category 
  •  Selection pool by stage & status 
  •  Assessment Diaries

We can provide selected samples of these reports upon request.